Secrets Of Walt Disney: Subliminal Messages

Some of you may be aware that subliminal messages are used in everyday life. From television to music, we have seen examples of hidden messages and suggestive material that we would never normally notice.

Subliminal messages are powerful because they implant suggestions in your mind that you are not aware of. Subliminal messages can change your thought process without you even knowing it. It is no wonder why Billion dollar corporations may want to use subliminal messages in their advertisements.

But can these messages go beyond just making you want to purchase a product, good or service? Can these subliminal messages be used for evil?

For example, In the song ‘Stairway To Heaven‘ by Led Zeppelin.

Pretty crazy huh? But, are these intended or is it just merely coincidence? There are many instances where you can find a crazy hidden message by chance but those times are few and far in-between. Which I thought it was weird that Disney movies had so many reports of subliminal messages.

This brought up questions like, What kind of messages were being presented in these Disney Movies? Is there more to Walt Disney that we do not know about? This lead me to find out his involvement with Free Masons.

I found this great video that gives an in depth look on Walt Disney. Who he was and what his movies contain. Enjoy and be afraid…

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