Sick Man Refuses Coronavirus / Covid-19 Testing Then Fights Hospital Staff

Video showing a tattooed man refusing to be tested for Covid-19/the Coronavirus has gone viral.

The video uploaded by Kent Garrison shows a man who supposedly came to the hospital because he didn’t feel good. Things began to go south when the man learns they want to test him for the Coronavirus/Covid-19.

The man begins to refer to a revolution, being owed 40-acres and a mule and that things need to change. The man also talks about how his mother needs a kidney and that he can’t even give his to her because of the healthcare system.

Throughout the intense confrontation, the seemingly mentally disturbed man grows more and more agitated with the hospital staff’s attempts to help him.

When the doctors attempt to subdue the man, he begins to fight the hospital staff. Video is no longer seen but you can hear the man sobbing while the hospital workers attempt to comfort him.

The video is a grim look into the failed mental health system. The man likely suffers from numerous mental issues including paranoid schizophrenia.

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