Petco Tosses Live Baby Iguanas In Dumpster (Video)

"I'm going viral on yall's asses now!"

A man who recently went dumpster diving in the back of a Pet Retailer store was surprised to find that some live animals had been thrown in the trash.

Youtube uploader “PhrynosomaTexas” posted a video back in 2012 showing him rummaging through the back dumpster of a Texas ‘Petco’ store in Wichita Falls. Instead of finding scrap material he uses for his rescue animals, he says he found 2 live baby iguanas in the trash.

The man explains that the high temp for that day reached 107 degrees and that if the lizard – “Iggy” had survived the extreme heat, he more than likely would have been crushed to death in a trash compactor the following Monday morning.

The following Updates were taken from the man’s Youtube page:

“[Update 9/10/12] Some people are jumping to conclusions about this being a ruse. First of all, the reason I just so happened to “conveniently” have a camera with me, is that if you haven’t noticed from following my page – I like to take pictures from time to time. I always have the camera on me when I’m out and about, so that I can record any encounters with critters I see. I am a wildlife rehabber you see, so I brake for critters. Just look at my vids where I find a rattler or something on the road. Nuff said.

Secondly, I just so happened to be there at that dumpster – because I’m there pretty often ANYWAY. Just check my past posts and the photo album entitled Petco waste and abuse. I’ve been posting for some time photos there of the stuff I found in their dumpster? So was it really such a coincidence that I happened to be there? I think not.

Thirdly, I’m going public with the fact that the Target store next door has two surveillance cameras pointed right at this dumpster. That’s great news for me! ;-) I’d love to get hold of that footage about 5:15pm or a little after because this will show without a doubt who is telling the truth.

I’m calling Petco corporate out…

PLEASE…Call Target up, and as a professional courtesy ask them to share security camera footage with you! Call it a security issue for the good of your neighboring store if you have to. I double-iggy dare you! If I’m shown to be lying about it happening just the way I said, then I’ll kiss that asst manager’s fat ugly ass on the courthouse square and give you two hours to draw a crowd! I also welcome PD involvement, because they could get the footage most easily and settle this right there. I’m also willing to polygraph. If you are an examiner in the WF area and willing to administer, let me know. That good enough for you doubters?”

The man explains that this is not the first time he has had issues with this Petco store. He had another incident of neglect with the same store two-weeks prior, when he tried to save one of their animals from emaciation but couldn’t as the iguana died within 10 minutes of him reaching his home.

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