A Duluth Police officer – Richard Jouppi, is currently on administrative leave as he now faces 5th degree assault charges in the assault of a 50-year-old wheelchair bound man – Anthony Jon Jackson.

In the video you see the officer trying to take Anthony Jackson’s coat in which the Anthony Jon Jackson is being obviously difficult. Anthony Jon Jackson tells the officer to release it then using his left arm to swipe at Officer Jouppi’s face.

It is then that Officer Jouppi begins punching the Anthony Jackson 5 times before ripping him out of his wheelchair and throwing him to the ground. A female officer is taken back bu the officers actions as she gets up but doesn’t know what to do, that’s when the officer says:

You don’t think people who have wheelchairs can assault people? Turns out he just did.

The next minute or so is spent trying to get the man back in his wheelchair. The Duluth Police Department will now seek assault charges against one of its own officer for striking Anthony Jackson multiple times Friday at the Duluth Detoxification Center.


  1. This police office went to far, he did not have to repestly hit the man in the whell chair and he certainly did not have to force him to the ground.

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