Man Murders Wife By Pushing A 700 lb. Totem Poll On Top Of Her

carl -muggli

Believe it or no a Minnesota man has been charged with Carl Muggli had originally been charged with first-degree premeditated murder and second-degree intentional murder after killing his wife by pushing a Totem Poll on top of her.

Carl Muggli’s wife – Linda Muggli, was discovered in a pool of blood in their garage. Linda was taken to a hospital where she died a short time later. Carl told authorities had had been carving a 700 lb. Totem Pole when the support latches broke and fell on top of his wife.

It wasn’t until an anonymous source came forward and said that Karl and his wife were fighting over a divorce, and that Carl had been having an affair prior to his wife’s death.

carl -muggli-mug-shot

After hearing this, Police searched Carl’s home and found his computer to have romantic exchanges with another woman. Carl also seeking to rent a country home and stated he was going through a divorce.

According to Carl’s attorney, Carl plead guilty to second-degree unintentional murder because he did not want to put the family, his family or himself through any more misery.

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