Hot Pants-less Female Guitarist Goes Viral (Video)

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The band ‘Patty’ is going viral after they performed their new song “Krzyk” a female guitarist performs without any pants on. Angelika Fajcht (who was actually in Playboy) looks like she is performing without any pants and also doesn’t seem to be playing the guitar at all.

Patty performed on the Polish television show – DDTVN (Dzien Dobry TVN) and performed “Scream” but it was the guitar player who caught major attention for her Jimi Hendrix style playing.

Call me crazy but, I don’t think anyone cares. Watch this female guitarist perform without any pants.


  1. She’s not a guitarist, what are you talking about? The issue isn’t that she has no pants, it’s that she’s not even remotely convincing at faking playing the guitar. How can you in all seriousness call this woman a guitarist and just miss the entire point of the video; the guitar is upside down and she doesn’t make a single chord the entire song!

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