Hood Rat Throws Her Baby During Fight On Bus (Video)


HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. — This ratchet Hood rat sorry excuse for a mother got into an argument on a bus and it quickly escalated into a full on brawl between her and another woman. All while holding her baby.

Apparently the two disgusting animals know each other and big surprise, they both had a sexual relationship with the same man in the past. During the fight you can hear the lady continuing to ask someone to hold her baby so that she could fight the woman.

As usual, everyone on the bus including the driver, are cowards and do not do anything to try to defuse the situation. One woman can be seen trying to talk sense into the woman holding the child.

At one point the woman jumps up and throws her child to an unsuspecting passenger and rushes over to the other woman and begins to fight.

Watch this woman throw her child during a fight on the bus.

[jwplayer mediaid=”23181″]

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