Crazed Woman Walks Onto Basketball Court (VIDEO)

In a weird turn of events during the Lakers and Nuggets game, a crazed woman walked onto the court and no, it wasn’t Kim Kardashian.

20-year-old Savannah McMillan-Christmas was immediately arrested for trespassing, released and will appear in court Monday. Savannah was actually banned from the ‘Pepsi’ arena for stalking Kenyon Martin during his time with Denver.

It was stated that before going on to the basket ball court, she was screaming, “Where is Kenyon!”

Yesinia Robles and Kurtis Lee, from the Denver Post, offered new details following the game:

Kurt Schwartzkopf, chief marketing officer at the Pepsi Center said the woman did not appear intoxicated, but was disoriented. He said the woman was picked up and taken home by her mother.

Jackson said it was off-duty Denver officers at the game who cited McMillan and escorted her out. TNT reported that the woman had been banned from Pepsi Center in the past for stalking a former Nugget player. Yahoo Sports reported that she stalked Kenyon Martin when he was with the team.

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