17-Year-Old Boxer – Tubagus Sakti Dies After TKO (Shock Video)

Tubagus Sakti

Tubagus Sakti was pronounced dead on Jan 27, 2013 after losing a match to Ical Tobida at the TVRI studio in Jakarta. Tubagus Sakti was said to have suffered a brain hemorrhage during his flyweight title fight.

In the eight round, the 17-year-old Indonesian boxer – Tubagus Sakti, raised is hands during the fight after he could no longer stand being punched. Unfortunately before the ref could jump in, Tubagus was struck two more times in the face.

Tubagus Sakti can be seeing trying to walk away under his own power but soon collapses in the ring. Medical staff enter but were not successful in reviving Tubagus.

RIP Tubagus Sakti.

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