Woman Cuts Open Relative To Try To Save Unborn Twins

Gruesome cellphone video shows the moment a woman CUTS OPEN a dead pregnant relative to save her unborn twins after hospital staff refused to help in Cameroon.

According to The BBC, Monique Koumateke, 31, was nearly full term when she was rushed to hospital after becoming ill. However, when Koumateke arrived, she was already dead said the midwife on duty said and staff at the maternity ward and general hospital refused to help, her family claimed.

After the deceased woman was refused entry to Douala’s Laquintini Hospital in Cameroon, she was cut open with a razor blade in a desperate attempt to save the lives of her unborn twins. One of the babies was already dead, while the second was alive but died shortly later.

The horrific footage resulted in the arrests of the woman who carried out the procedure, as well as several staff members at the hospital and morgue. Police say their investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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