Two Women Road Rage in Florida

Only in Florida will someone record themselves committing a traffic violation then post the video in an attempt to make another diver look bad.

Jamie Gold is the moron recording and by listening to the music she is blaring, I think its safe to assume she’s your typical trash. Gold stated in the video description: “On 1-9-15 in Valrico, Florida I passed an SUV driving slower than my liking. This normal act caused this lady to lose her shit and try to hit my car and run me off the road. She did all of this classy behavior with her child in the back seat.” Sorry Jamie… committing a traffic violation is not a normal act especially when someone has a child in their vehicle.

Gold is seen yelling at the driver, then erratically switches lanes putting not only her life in danger, but anyone that may be coming down the opposite side of the road, and speeds passed the SUV yelling “Whooo!” as if it were the highlight of her life.

This causes the other moron in the Hyundai SUV to rage out and also risk lives to get back in front of the woman. Throughout the video the two idiots play a cat and mouse game until the video stops. Hopefully this video will be enough evidence to have both dummies arrested and charged.

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