TSA spends $1.4 million on app that points left or right

If the TSA wasn’t already a joke, it is now being reported that the TSA has spent nearly $1.4 million dollars on an iPad app that randomly points left or right. That’s it, just points left or right and nothing else.

The $1.4 million total was said to have also included the purchase price of the iPads, getting the app to work on other, non-iPad devices and possibly “training”. So in reality, the iPad app called the “randomizer” costs about $336,000.

A leaked report showed the TSA missed 60-75% of fake bombs that undercover government agents got through TSA checkpoints at major airports like LAX and Chicago O’Hare, so thinking a random arrow pointing left or right is not going to help matter much.

So how hard is it to create the $336,000 app? Got 10 minutes? that takes 10 minutes? Chris Pacia says that and about $10 of labor to build is all it takes.

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