WATCH: Trucker Pulls Over Illinois State Police Officer

Brian Miner was pulled over after he allegedly honked his horn at an Illinois State Trooper he says was traveling well above the posted speed-limit of 70mph while on his cell phone on a slippery road.

Illinois State Police Pulled Over By TruckerThe officer explains he pulled Miner over because of his use of the horn. Miner tells the officer he was honked after he witnessed him driving while on the cell phone and going over the speed-limit. The officer then tells Miner he is going to run his information after stating he is going to cite him for illegal use of a horn.

After the check the officer comes back and tells Miner after running a report he saw that he was previously cited for a headlight and did not decide to cite him for illegal use of a horn. The officer then tells Miner he conducted a Motor Carrier Safety Inspection and found no violations. Then in a surprising turn of events, the officer states he understands Miner’s use of his horn in order to protect the officer from driving dangerously.

The two exchange a few more words before the officer wishes Miner well and sends him on his way.

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