Teen Explains Why He Had Sex With ‘Hot Pocket’

kid has sex with pop tarts

Thanks to social media, people who would have normally been weeded out by nature can become celebrities. So is the case of the teen who had sex with a Hot Pocket and posted pictures and videos online.

The teen known as “VersacePopTarts or “Thot Pocket” explains in an exclusice interview that after large twitter accounts starting stealing his tweets from another twitter page he handles about pizza, he decided to do something so outlandish that no one would be able to take the credit. He then tweeted out a picture of himself violating a Pop Tart box with a hole cut out of it.

kid has sex with hot pockets

After the tweet got some attention, he decided to up the ante byt saying if he reached a certain number of retweets, he would in fact f*ck a hot pocket and post the video on Vine.


Needless to say the retweets came and the video went up. His Vine and twitter were suspended shortly after that but the teen remains defiant saying “You can suspend my Vine but you can’t change the fact I f*cked a Pop Tart”.

If you ever wondered what it was like to have sex with a pastries, he recommends to try it. “Yeah, I would definitely recommend it, if you’re lonely. I wouldn’t recommend putting it on Vine, but I’d recommend f*ckin’ a Hot Pocket probably. It wasn’t bad. It’s messy, though.”

As for his future plans, the 18-year-old who works as a grill chef, says he hasn’t really thought about it. He had hopes of starting a clothing company but was also planning to set himself on fire for 10,000 retweets.

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