Starbucks Customer Livid Over Being Called ‘Vagina’


Why even take someone’s name and have them wait until their stupid late is ready and then call them? For some reason, people feel special when they have their name called after ordering something, that’s unless you’re called by the wrong name.

Such is the case of Vagina, I mean Virginia. Virginia went to a Hong Kong Starbucks but instead of getting a drink with her name, her drink had a Vagina on it.

Virginia’s sister – Veronica Goh decided to make a huge stink about her Vagina and took the the Starbuck’s HK Facebook page to log a complaint.

This is my sister’s cuppa [SIC] from your HKU branch. Fancy your staff not being able to spell an American name like Virginia. Forgiving she has been with every misspelled cup. Her cup was once ‘Virgin’. Every Starbucks experience for her has been coupled with fear and anticipation. But THIS is just UNACCEPTABLE. Starbucks HK, you have to buck up or just not spell your customer’s name anyway. It is a derogatory attitude even if it is unintentional. What do you have to say about this?

Just looks like someone trying to get free Starbucks if you ask me. Tighten up girls, it was a mistake.

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