Mother-Daughter Team Look For Father Son Partners


Ever wanted to score with a Mom and her daughter? Well it’s your lucky day because the infamous Mother-Daughter porn stars – The Sexxxtons, are now looking for Father-Son sex partners.

Monica Sexxxton,22, and Jessica Sexxxton,56, are a classy Tampa, Florida Mother-Daughter sex team that has been in an array of pornos with one another. Monica and Jessica never actually touch in the videos (incest is illegal in Florida) but do have sex in the same scenes with one another.

Now after a lot of consideration, the Sexxxtons are looking to have a Father and Son join in on the festivities. The Sexxxtons had tried this once before but the shoot was cancelled because according to Monica, the man playing the dad looked too much like the “Men In Black” cockroach.

So if you have no problem having sex with your dad or vice versa, you need help.

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