Man Loses Life Savings At Carnival Game

henry gribbohm

A sucker is born every minute and one man lived up to that famous quote when he thought he could make a big win at a carnival game.

Henry Gribbohm lost his life-savings while trying to win an Xbox Kinnect for his kids at a carnival. Henry was playing “Tubs of Fun” at the carnival ran by Fiesta Shows, which requires players to throw 2 balls into a tilted bucket.

$300 dollars later and having still not won the Xbox Kinnect, Henry Gribbohm decides to go home and get his entire fortune of $2,300 and try again.

They explained to me I was going to get all my money back,

Needless to say Henry was not successful. Henry returned the next to complain and surprisingly, the game operator gave Henry $600 and a large stuffed banana with a hat and dreadlocks. Still not satisfied, Henry Gribbohm contacted Manchester police, and the department is now investigating to see if any fraud occurred.

Maybe Henry should have read “Carnival Fraud Investigations 101” which details how the “Tubs of Fun” game fools patrons.

A carnival employee places a ball into the bucket, then invites potential players to toss one in. With the first ball weighing the bucket down, the practice ball stays in the bucket easily.

When the game begins, however, the employee removes both balls, and without the weight of the first ball, most tosses bounce out of the bucket.

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