Kids Snorting Smarties Candies Like Cocaine (Video)

snorting smarties

It seems our future generations are becoming more and more idiotic as this new disturbing trend among middle-school students gains popularity.

This is Candy Crush gone wrong. Middle-school students are now having to be warned of the dangers of snorting Smarties. Yeas, those candy sugar pills are being crushed and snorted like cocaine.

Because thses kids are morons, they are unaware of side-effects like a nasal maggot infestation, nasal scarring, allergic reactions, lung irritation or infection. Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gail Burstein said, “If the Smarties do end up getting into the lung, then that can also cause infection,” Burnstein continues, “It is an irritant; it can cause wheezing and maybe chronic cough and asthma and sinus complications. And, ultimately, if someone is to sugar or the contents of Smarties, then they could end up having an anaphylactic reaction and dying.”

Even more disturbing, Youtube videos of kids snorting the candies date as far back to 2007. What’s next for these kids? using Laffy-Taffy to tie your arm while they bang Kool-Aid?

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