Woman with 3 Boobs HOAX

3 boobed woman

A woman claiming to have had $20,000 plastic surgery to add a 3rd breast on her chest was just outed as a fraud after documents reveal the truth behind her boobs.

Jasmine Tridevil claims she was turned down by 50 doctors before one agreed to add the third breast on her chest so long as she kept his name a secret. Tampa native Tridevil,21, says that she did not get the surgery to become famous citing “I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men,” she claims. ‘Because I don’t want to date anymore.’ However an interview with Real Radio 104.1 revealed she wants to get her show “Jasmine’s Jugs to MTV”.

Now because of a baggage theft at the Tampa International Airport, TMZ reports that the woman is a fraud. Apparently luggage was stolen off an American Airlines conveyor belt and one of the bags stolen belonged to Jasmine Tridevil. Before she was allowed to get her bag police took inventory of the tiems in the bag and among the items were… “A 3 breast prosthesis.” valued at $5K.

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