Is Yahoo Making Fun Of Jason Collins’ Gay Lifestyle?


I was on Yahoo! for some God-Awful reason and a couple of their Jason Collins headlines caught the attention of someone’s controversial eye.

As you know, Jason Collins is all over the news for being the first active NBA player to come out as Gay. With that being said, it seemed all the world was in appreciation for his bravery including celebrities and other athletes.

Take a look at the following Yahoo! headlines and let us know if you think Yahoo is intentionally using choice words.


“Jason Collins isn’t overly athletic or talented, but he used every trick in the book to carve out a niche in the NBA. FUDGED his height.”

As you know, fudge is commonly used to refer to anal sex hence the term “fudge packer”.

This other headline refers to a “tipping” point. So it would seem that there are a lot of penis references and sexual innuendos in Yahoo’s recent articles about Jason Collins. What do you think? Is Yahoo POKING fun at Jason Collins?

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