Is Quaden Bayles’ Mother Doing More Harm Than Good?

Quaden Bayles has touched the heart of the world after the video posted by his mother Yakkara Bayles showing what the affects of bullying had on him went viral.

The video of Quaden Bayles taken by his mother showing him crying after allegedly being bullied ha struck a nerve with social media. So much so that actors, comics and strangers have taken to his GoFundMe account and have donated over $75,000 to Quaden in his support.

But, no one is posing the question, is Quaden’s mother, Yarraka Bayles actually doing more damage to Quaden than good?

This is not the first time Yakkara Bayles has brought her son in front of the media. Yakkara and Quaden both appeared on Studio10 where she also discussed Quaden’s dwarfism and how the public reacts to his physical differences.

It seems that Yakkara cannot accept the fact that some people may just look or stare at Quaden. Unfortunately, Quaden’s physical appearance is going to illicit stares from most adults and children and not all are meant to be in a derogatory fashion. If someone sees something that they are unfamiliar with, there will be a certain interest that peaks and it is unfair for those people to be called out for merely looking.

It would seem that from a young age, Quaden has been programmed by his mother to feel that all stares (not accompanied by a smile) are bad and that they are meant to be hurtful.

This can be a very dangerous place for Quaden who now may believe the majority of people looking at him, do not like him, are making fun of him, scared of him etc.

Bullying is wrong, I think everyone can agree on that. But some people would argue that bullying someone can also help them.

People who were bullied about their weight, became more health conscious afterwards. People who were bullied also developed healthy passions such as painting, music, martial arts, comedy etc. But for $75,000, PLEASE, bully me all day.

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