Hasbro Apologizes to Angry Parents for ‘Play-Doh’ Tool

play doh cake mountain

Self-Righteous parents with nothing better to do are at it again and this time they’re targeting ‘Play-Doh’.

That’s right, the legendary product from Hasbro that brought happiness to both children and adults for decades is the recent target of offended parents who say their Christmas was ruined because of a tool found in the popular Play-Doh set.

The “inappropriately” shaped tool was included in the ‘Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset‘. Parents began complaining when they claim the Extruder Tool resembled male genitalia.

angry parents play doh cake mountain

Play-Doh immediately took to action and has publicly apologized to angry parents and offered a replacement tool. Play-Doh has also stated they are updating the design for all future playsets.

play doh apology

As many complaints parents sent in, their seemed to be more people supporting Play-Doh and stunned at the fact that parents think their children would actually recognize what the tool resembled. Others poked fun apologizing to parents who mistook the two-and-a-half inch tool for a penis.

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It may be news to some people but many (if not all) extruder tools are spherically shaped shaped to maximize usage. Again, people must take on the responsibility of parenting their children and stop looking to companies to do that for them. It takes a really sick parent to turn a harmless toy into a sexual object in order to satisfy their own personal agenda.

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