Florida Man Angers Neighbors With KKK Flag (Video)

A Florida man has infuriated his neighbors with a raised KKK flag along with a noose and “members wanted” sign in hopes to recruit. Angry neighbors in the trailer park community protested the West Boca Raton man after he displayed the Ku Klux KLan flag outside of his mobile home.

As for the residents who live in the house where the KKK flag’s on display, they say it’s not a symbol of hate and adding the noose was a “bad joke.” Homeowner Marla Curley says there is nothing for her neighbors to fear.

“Tell them to stop worrying. The black lady can stop worrying. We’re not going to, you know, burn her house or kill her children … It’s just not going to happen.”

After the outrage and wide spread attention, it reported that Late Wednesday the flag had been taken down and that it would be replaced with an American flag.

Shockingly, another family just a few blocks away has another KKK flag along with a sign that says “Warning: Mess with the Klan and the results will be ugly”.

The unnamed residents distanced themselves from the other exhibit, saying that they’re faction of the KKK isn’t racist or violent and stands just for preserving the white race.

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