Female Comedian Discovers Two-Way Mirror in Ladies Bathroom At Comedy Club

Woman In The Mirror Tamale Rocks

Imagine being a comedian… female rather, and paying your dues, performing night after night anywhere you can. Then imagine finding out that despite being as open of a person as possible on the stage, your privacy was being taken away from you while you were in the bathroom.

Female comedian Tamale Sepp discovered a two-way mirror at Chicago bar Cigars and Stripes and posted the video titled “Woman in the Mirror” to Youtube where it has already received over 26,000 views.

Tamale stated that she felt it was odd that a full length mirror was placed on a door in front on the woman’s toilet. Upon further inspection, Sepp finds that the door lead to a cleaning room. The back of the door was cut revealing a two-way mirror in perfect view of the woman’s toilet.

Jezebel contacted club owner Ronnie Lottz and questioned him in regards to the pervy discovery. During his interview, Lottz explains that Cigars and Stripes has made a name for itself making people feel uncomfortable and that he would burn the club to the ground before he would remove that mirror.

Lottz also goes onto say “It’s like if you put something [about the mirror] into that Yelp thing: no bitch, you didn’t, somebody else did about fucking five years ago. It’s old news; the door is open; it’s for Halloween. We used to hang a witch’s head in there so that the girls would pee, and they’d look into a dingy closet and be all weirded out. We specialize in making people feel very uncomfortable. It’s why we’re successful today. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, stay home.”

As for Sepp, she stated that she thought long and hard about posting her findings and did after she found herself becoming became angry by the possible social ramifications around “causing trouble”.

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