Couple Tries To Tip Waitress With Crystal Meth

Ryan Bensen Erica Manley

Somebody’s been watching a little too much ‘Breaking Bad’. An Oregon couple was arrested after they allegedly attempted to tip a waitress with crystal meth.

Ryan Bensen, 40, and Erica Manley, 37, were dining at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse and when the bill came they paid with a giftcard. Bensen and Manley decided to leave a tip but instead of cash, what the waitress received was an envelope marked with “?” that ended up being filled with crystal meth.

The waitress called police and when they arrived, found 17 ounces of meth in Manley’s purse. A search warrant was obtained and it was discovered that the couple had also been running a meth lab in their Holiday Inn hotel room.

Both Bensen and Manley were arrested and being held on charges of possessing and manufacturing methamphetamines.

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