American Activist Claims She Was Groped by TSA Agent in San Diego (Video)

American activist 'groped by TSA agent' in San Diego

Ashley Jessica of ‘Infowars’ claims that San Diego TSA Agents groped her during a screening and has the whole thing caught on tape.

Ashley Jessica was wanted to test out the procedures for the San Diego International Airport TSA Agents, so she recorded the pat down.

When the Pat down begins, Ashley immediately jumped back stating the agent just touched her boob. Ashley tells the female agent that she did not want neither her nor her mother’s private parts to be touched but was told by the female agent that “an extensive pat down which would involve going all the way up the leg.”

The TSA Agent then tells Ashley she will go around her breasts rather than directly on them which she does. It is when the agent begins the pat down around Ashely’s thighs that she becomes even more concerned “She just touched my vagina, seriously, that was not my upper thigh,”

Having the video recording gave her the strength to speak her mind when she felt the routine was getting out of control Ashely says.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.

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