87-Year-Old Chinese Woman with a Horn Growing from Head

An elderly Chinese woman is making her way through the viral news because of the horn she has growing from her head.

The 87-Year-Old Chinese Woman with a Horn Growing from Head has been in the news for years despite the most recent interest in her story. around eight years ago, Liang Xiuzhen from Sichuan, south west China, had a black mole o her head which began to itch then split open and a small horn started growing from the skin. The small growth began to grow and did not cease.

Doctors have identified the growth as a cutaneous horn. According to MedFriendly, Cutaneous horns are a mysterious medical condition but they may be caused by radiation exposure since they occur more in sunlight exposed areas (face, hands). They could arise from burn scars and some have reported an association with a common disease known as human papillomavirus (HPV). Probably the largest cutaneous horn was the one that was on Madame Dimanche, a French woman from the 19th century whose forehead horn measured 9.8 inches (24.9 cm). It was successfully removed via surgery. A wax model of her head was taken before surgery and is pictured here:

The horn can be removed using surgery, depending on the physical fitness of the patient but due to the fact that the horn has been growing so quickly, doctors are worried that the growth may be cancerous. Liang’s son, Wang Zhaojun hopes that he might be able to persuade his mother to get treatment citing: “mother doesn’t like going to the hospital because she thinks that she won’t be able to come back home if she goes.”

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