Woman Leaves Baby in Car to Shop at GameStop


Richmond police are investigating a woman who was recorded leaving a baby alone in her car on Saturday while shopping in the GameStop video game store. Manny Williams uploaded the video to his Facebook page when he said he saw the unsupervised child in the vehicle, which was parked in the parking lot of the store, located at the Macdonald 80 Shopping Center at 4200 Macdonald Ave.

“Richmond Police is Investigating.Caught this stupid chick leaving baby in car to get video game.had her 5 or 6 yr old other boy with her,but left baby in car over 20 min.only sent boy back by himself when I got on her first time before filming like that was OK..smh”

In the video, Williams is seen calling out the woman as the child cries in the hot vehicle. The unidentified woman comes out to the vehicle only to roll the windows up and go back into the store leaving the child now locked in the car with rolled up windows.

Lt. Felix Tan of the Richmond police department said that investigating child abuse charges with just video evidence won’t be simple. Police must establish the temperature outside and inside the car at the time, whether the air conditioner was on, and how long the child was actually inside the car, among other factors, Tan said. Also, Tan said Williams contacted police after the woman and child had already left. Tan says Williams should have contacted police as soon as he saw any offense.

However, Williams’ claims he called police while the woman and children were still at the GameStop, but no officers came. He says he was later told by a police official that all on-duty officers had been responding to more pressing calls.

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