Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself In The Head With Assault Rifle

Anastasia Adair Shane Adair

A woman was killed when she accidentally shot herself in the head with an assault rifle. The Colorado woman – Anastasia Adair was said to be passing her husband Dana “Shane” Adair the AK-47 style rifle when two shot were fired and one hitting her in the head.

Anastasia and Dana were said to have been drinking with friends in the garage when the accident occurred. The Adairs had purchased the assault weapon at a gun show in March, according to KMGH and Dana Adair said that the assault rifle had a light trigger pull.

Federal Heights Police Lt. Gary Toldness stated that the witnesses story consisted with the bullets trajectory and that the shooting will be treated as an accident.

An autopsy on Anastasia’s body will reveal how much blood was actually consumed before she was killed. Anastasia Adair was 22-years-old

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