Body Cam Shows Volusia Officer Rescuing Woman and Children

Dramatic body cam video shows a Volusia Officer Rescuing a Woman and her Children as shots ring out in their home. According to reports, the incident occurred when the woman, Victoria Rosado, 26, was in the process of separating from her husband when he showed up at their house and began “acting crazy.”

Volusia County sheriff’s deputy Eric Cheek arrived at the scene to hear the woman scream, followed by a gunshot, as he approached the Alameda Drive home. Justin Ferrari’s body cam shows the officer running towards the gun shots to rescue the bleeding Victoria Rosado. Ferrari also rescues three crying children running out through a back door of the house. Officer Cheek was said to have heard the man, later identified as Emmanuel Rosado, 26, saying “you are going to die today,” according to a report.

“When we say law enforcement officers run toward danger as others run away, this is what we’re talking about. The deputies who responded to this shooting incident yesterday afternoon in Deltona didn’t hesitate; their instincts and training kicked in. This body camera footage is from Deputy Justin Ferrari, who heard gunshots, ran to help his fellow deputies and ultimately carried the shooting victim (and later in the video, her children) to safety. Everyone survived this incident, and the suspect who fired on our deputies was arrested. Even though they were scared, the kids were later smiling and laughing with our deputy when he checked on them next door. This video has been condensed for time and to comply with privacy exemptions in state law, but we believe it’s a compelling example of the heroic work these law enforcement officers are prepared to do every day.”

Rosado had been arguing with his wife, Victoria Rosado, 26, over custody of their 1-year-old and shot her in the buttocks about 12:37 p.m. Sunday. Emmanuel Rosado is charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder and was being held Monday without bail.

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