Virginia Beach Police Tase Mouthy Minor Then Attempt to Delete Cell Phone Video

Virginia Police officers are captured on video assaulting a minor, then attempt to delete the footage from a witnesses cell phone.

Courtney Griffith
Courtney Griffith
Courtney Griffith, 18, was originally pulled over for the light on her license plate being out. Griffith also a teen mom, had just pulled into her driveway with the father of her child as well as her 17-year-old friend Brandon Wyne.

Officer Pittman says he believes to smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. Griffith who is adamant that she does not tolerate that in her vehicle, begins to record the incident ans asks if she is being detained.

Griffith and Wyne are told to step out of the vehicle. A defiant Wyne tells the officers no one is to touch him until his mother arrives. “No one will touch me until my mother is here, that’s understood? I am 17-years-old.” The officers then attempt to pull him from the vehicle but Wyne pulls away and swats at the officers telling them to “get the f*ck off” him. Wyne suddenly changes his tune when he sees the officers pull out the pepper spray but it is already too late. It is at this point Wyne is pepper-sprayed by one of the officers and then tased 4 multiple times.

At the end of the video, an officer can be seen looking around the vehicle with a flashlight and then shutting off the camera. Griffith believes he is the one who attempted to delete the footage. Brandon is currently imprisoned until July on charges of assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. Police Chief Jim Cervera Friday said he was “very uncomfortable” watching parts of the video and promised a full investigation.

Va Beach Internal Investigation

Investigators say the officer stopped a car in the 1900 block of Darnell Drive around 9 p.m. and, as a result of that stop, arrests have been made and narcotics were recovered, police stated in a press release Thursday.

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