Toddler Tries To Stop McDonald’s Employee Assaulting His Mother (Video)

Sickening video posted to Facebook shows a Mcdonald’s employee attacking a mother with her child while the toddler attempts to intervene ans stop the assault.

The Salem Police Department in Massachusetts, seized the video showing a woman identified as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem, brutally beating an unidentified 27-year-old woman in front of her toddler.

Latia Harris Attacks Mother
Latia Harris Attacks Mother
In the video, Harris who is dressed in a Mcdonald’s uniform, is seen punching and kicking the woman several times. The woman is also heard yelling something about possibly losing her job because of rumors allegedly spread about her and her manager.

During the assault, the victim’s toddler begins to kick his mother’s attacker in an attempt to stop the beating. Harris can then be heard threatening to kick the son if the mother does not tell him to stop.

The victim was taken to The Memorial Hospital of Salem County, Mannington Township, Harris faces charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats.

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