Spokane Police Caught On Video Shooting and Killing Robbery Suspect (Video)

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Cellphone video shot by an onlooker shows the moment a robbery suspect was shot and killed by Spokane Police.

Stephen Corkery, 30, was suspected of multiple armed robberies when he was surrounded at a home in the 1500 block of West Grace.

Police ordered Corkery to remove himself from the home as they were obtaining a warrant for his arrest. Washington State Patrol Trooper – Jeff Sevigney, states when Corkery stepped outside the home, he was armed with a handgun. Police the ordered him to drop the weapon and surrender but he refused.

However the video shows Corkery walking out of the home but within a matter of seconds, Spokane police immediately begin to shoot the suspect multiple times. More than a dozen shots were fired at Corkery who was later confirmed dead by the medical examiner as a result from the gunshot wounds.

Stephen COrkery family

Stunned onlookers respond in shock as they cannot believe the officers opened fire on the suspect killing him. Witnesses who knew Corkery say he was a kind mind with mental health issues.

Corkery was previously convicted for burglary and served a year and eight months of his sentence at the Airway Heights Corrections Center. Corkery was released in February of 2013 but was still under Department of Corrections supervision.

The names of the Spokane police officers involved in the shooting have not been released. State Patrol is still in the process of completing its investigation into the shooting. Once completed, the case will be forwarded to the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether or not officers were justified in shooting Corkery.

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