Shannon Sharpe Has Harsh Words For Richie Incognito and Miami Dolphins (Video)

Shannon Sharpe gave an emotional and intense 2-minute rant on the Richie Incognito – Johnathan Martin situation and had harsh words for the Miami Dolphins.

“If you allow Richie Incognito to walk around in an open locker room and to use a racial epitaph that most black Americans, all black Americans know the stigmatism and the hate and the vitriol that comes with that word. If you allow him to do that, you are encouraging him to do that.”

Sharpe criticized the Miami Dolphins for allegedly allowing Incognito to use the N-Word in the locker room and having it go un-addressed. Sharpe explained that there is no such thing as an “Honorary Black” and that if the Dolphins allowed this to go on in the locker room, he see’s why the team is in the shape that they’re in today.

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