Sean Reed Shot and Killed by Police While on Facebook Live (VIDEO)

Sean Reed was shot and killed while running away from Indinapolis polis Wednesday afternoon and his murder was captured on Facebook Live.

Dreasjon “Sean” Reed,21, was killed on the north side near West 62nd Street and Michigan Road. Although there was no body-cam video of the incident, investigators say they found a gun near the suspect. 

A crowd gathers facing a line of IMPD officers at the scene of an officer-involved shooting death near 62nd Street and Michigan Road in Indianapolis on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Assistant Chief Chris Bailey said officers witnessed Sean Reed driving recklessly on Interstate 65.

Deputy Chief Kendale Adams, driving in an unmarked police vehicle, saw a Reed’s Toyota Corolla driving recklessly and began following after he said Reed almost struck another car.

Sean Reed was driving eastbound on 62nd Street, where he parked at a business and began to run.

I’m on 62nd and Michigan! Somebody come get my stupid ass!

Sean Reed

Chief Chris Bailey says it is not clear what happened during the confrontation but the officer’s Taser was deployed at “some point”.

In the video, you can see Reed begin to run and the officer command to stop which Reed does not comply. Shortly after, you hear gun shots ring out.

More than 4,000 people were watching Facebook Live.

“Lol did they jus shoot him” one person, who is watching, comments on the Live, which is still running.

“I really hope he ok” another writes.

Bailey said investigators are aware of videos posted to Facebook and preserving them, but that police were not prepared to confirm their authenticity. 

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