WATCH: Man Confronts Salt Lake City Police After Dog is Shot and Killed By an Officer

Salt Lake CIty Police Shoot and Kill Sean Kendalls Dog

Sean Kendall received a call from Utah Animal Control stating that a Salt Lake City Police officer had shot and killed his dog who was locked up in the fenced backyard of his house. Kendall immediately began to document what would be his confrontation with the SLC police.

Kendall arrives on the scene where he is greeted by a somber Sgt. Sear who says Officer Olson of the SLC Police Department entered the his backyard in search of a missing child. He then says Kendall’s dog threatened the officer which caused him to pull his firearm and shoot the dog in the head.

An angry Kendall vents his frustrations with the police officers who surprisingly remain calm and professional, understanding the man’s situation and what he is going through. The officers provide him with all the information he needs to follow-up on both cases.

We reached out to the SLC Police Department to find out if there has been any more information on any actions taken against Officer Olson but have yet to receive a response.

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