Richie Incognito Checks Into Rehab After Vandalizing Ferrari With Baseball Bat

richie incognito rehab

It is currently being reported that Miami Dolphins offense linesman – Richie Incognito has been admitted to a psychiatric facility in Arizona and his admittance was not voluntary.

Reports indicate that Scottsdale PD filled a petition to have Incognito admitted to the facility. It is standard procedure that a detailed description of at least 2 incidents must be reported to justify psychiatric instability. Although this was not confirmed to be the case with Incognito, one can only speculate after the NFL player recently took a baseball bat to a newly purchased Ferrari. “Oh that was that was just me venting” Incognito said in an interview with FOX 10, “that was self expression, that’s a piece of art,”

This comes just days after An investigation conducted by Ted Wells for the NFL determined that Incognito as well as other teammates engaged in persistent harassment of offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, another offensive lineman and an assistant team trainer.

Story developing…

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