Missouri Police Unlawfully Enter Stage-4 Pancreatic Cancer Patient’s Room and Illegally Search belongings for Marijuana

Police are captured on video unlawfully entering a cancer patient’s hospital room then proceeding to illegally search his belongings in search of finding marijuana.

Nolan Sousley recorded Bolivar, Missouri police as they entered his hospital room after they say they received a complaint of someone smelling marijuana.

Sousley admitted to walking outside of the facility and using his CBD capsules but stated no one could have smelled it.

Stage four pancreatic cancer accused of smoking marijuana in hospital. Missouri. They found no marijuana. Only cbd which is legal in Missouri. I should have the right to choose my end of life medications.

– Nolan Sousley

At one point, a doctor comes into the room and attempts to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. One of the officers said Sousley had a bag that they hadn’t yet searched but Sousley said the bag was filled with medication and would not allow the officers to look through it. “It has my final day things in there and nobody’s gonna dig in it,” In the end, Sousley allowed one officer to look through the bag and wasn’t arrested because the officers didn’t find any marijuana.

Citizens Memorial Hospital told Newsweek that due to HIPPA, they could not comment on any specific treatment or situation. 

Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 in November, which permits state-licensed physicians to recommend marijuana for medical purposes to patients. Although the amendment passed, as of Friday, Missourians could not legally possess medical marijuana and the Missouri Health & Senior Services Department said it wouldn’t be available for purchase until at least January 2020.

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