Police Caught On Surveillance Cutting Off Black Women’s Weave (Video)

They whipped her hair back and forth like Willow Smith as Warren police officers were caught on camera yanking, pulling and cutting off a mother’s weave. Charda Gregory, 22, says she was attending a party when she believes someone drugged her. She woke up at Suez Motel on 8 Mile in Warren where she was arrested for vandalizing a room.

During her arrest surveillance cameras inside Warren Police Department capture officers physically restraining Gregory who had already been pepper sprayed. Officer Bernadette Najor is seen pushing Gregory against the wall a couple of times while Officer Najor pats her down. At one point Officer Bernadette Najor and Gregory get into a struggle as Gregory is pulled by her hair to a restraint chair. It is at that point, Officer Najor grabs a pair of scissors and pulls at Gregory’s hair as she begins to cut her weave off.

Usually people ho are booked into jail must remove anything that can be used as a weapon against others or to do bodily harm, this includes weaves that are clipped in. Charda Gregory’s weave was actually sewn into her real hair.

The other officers who were seen in the video are still under investigation and face possible discipline. Warren police officials say they did report Najor’s use of force to their superiors while Officer Najor did not report what she did.

Records obtained from Officer Najor’s personnel records show she was suspended without pay for 10 days in 2010 for being “untruthful.”

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