Police Punch Bike Rider In The Face For No Reason (Video)

VPD Officer punches bike rider

Yet another instance of excessive force used by an overzealous Police Officer who likes to abuse his authority. A Vancouver Police Officer is currently under investigation as a video shows him punching a detained man.

Andi Shae Akhavan was bike riding home in Downtown Vancouver on Tuesday night when he was stopped by police on Beatty and Robson. Supposedly, the officers were going to cite Andi for running a red light but the arrest soon turned violent.

With both my arms behind me and from behind, he basically clocks me in the mouth, at which point I basically felt my tooth go through my lip, and I could feel the blood right away. I was like ‘I need stitches.’ They sat me down and the video basically shows the rest of what happened,

Tom Stamatakis with the Vancouver Police Union defends the officers actions saying: “What I saw was two police officers responding to something that they saw… trying to gain control of a person who was resisting their efforts.”

Watch Police Punch a detained cyclist for no apparent reason and let us know what you think.

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