Man Accuses Cleburne Police Department For Using Excessive Force (Video)

A man posted helmet cam video from a police officer and claims that he was unjustly tased by Police but after review of the incident, you may just be on the cop’s side. Youtube uploader – “S hin” claims that this Cleburne Police officer Sigler used excessive force when arresting him.

As many Cleburne residents know CPL SIGLER of the Cleburne PD takes his job to the extreme. We are hoping to promote awareness of this man and how he feels that assaulting a suspect who is not combative is “within his legal rights” Please share this with everyone you know and lets get this man stripped of his badge.

When the man finally pulls over, he immediately exits his vehicle and is asked to place his hands on top of the car. He says “Can I help you?” The officer then pushes him and tells him again but the man then says the officer just assaulted him. That’s when the officer pulls out his taser and makes this guy squeal like a pig.

Later we find that the man allegedly ran from a hit and run and evaded police before stopping. Let us know what you think about the tase and arrest.

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