Plainclothes NYC Cop Punches Black Man Even Though He Obtained His I.D.

In a video making its way around the viral scene titled “Police Brutality Strikes New York – Heats up about 1:20” a plainclothes officer asks black man for ID, gets it, steals it, tries to hold man in custody without declaration of law, or viable legal reason, and then punches him many times.

According to sources, “two men just came from the pizza shop walking home got stop by the cops. They didn’t tell him why he got stopped in the first place, instead they just asked for his ID”. Joshua Scott Hotchkin stated, “This man was arrested for having a legal knife. He had a penknife in his pocket that is completely legal. However, the knife is never an issue until they scramble for a reason to obtain a man who was just walking home.”

We reached out to the NYPD for more information but have yet to receive a response.

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