Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy Chokes Out Drunk on Beach

Video out of Saint Pete Beach shows an officer using excessive force on what were believed to be two drunk individuals.

“I JUST WITNESSED THE MOST EPIC BEACH COP ARREST! HE STRAIGHT HULKED BUDDY!” Darrell Lynn Tate II uploaded the intense video to Facebook showing what is believed to be a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy arresting two individuals at St. Pete Beach and even choking one of them out.

The video shows the officer approaching one of the men and proceeding to place his hand around his neck. The crowd cheers as the officer slams the man to the ground. Another man comes over the cop in an attempt to defend his friend and is pushed away by the officer. Bystanders attempt to calm the man down but he threatens everyone around him and even gets into a fight with another person.

After handcuffing the first man, the officer then sets his sights on the other and easily takes him to the ground. At one point the officer places the man in a chokehold. The man quickly taps but as soon as the officer loosens his grip, the man tries to escape. The video ends with other assisting the officer in subduing the individual.

According to Tate, the men were starting trouble on the beach challenging others to fight them. Guess they didn’t know Robocop was nearby…