NYPD Cops Barge into Muslim Women’s Home with NO SEARCH WARRANT

NY Cops barge their way into the home of two Muslim women without search warrant on 4/9/2015. NYPD made to feel very unwelcome when they show up at a Brooklyn residence looking for a wanted felon.


  1. It appears because of the police presence the guy was a dangerous felon. The Fourth Amendment allows a search without a warrant in this case. They received information that he was at the apartment.


    ….a search warrant is not required and a search is reasonable if:
    1. all of the circumstances known to the officer[s] at the time would cause a reasonable person to believe that the entry or the search was necessary to prevent [physical harm to the officer[s] or other person[s]] [destruction of evidence] [escape of a suspect], and

    2. there was insufficient time to get a search warrant.

  2. @AnthoniConti I disagree. There is no way you could assume the person was a threat and neither can the police officers. The video shows the only persons creating havoc are the police. The residents are fine and do not want the police in the home. These cops should be held as criminals for barging into a person’s dwelling. I know If someone forced their way into my home what would happen to them… We have a right to protect our homes, even from the police.

  3. This cop at the door for the first couple minutes wasn’t even in uniform. I don’t care what sort of real looking ID he may have, just watching him interact with the lady seemed fishy, wanting to show pictures from a cell phone.. He wouldn’t have made it into my home, I’d call the cops too.

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