Police Draw Guns while Responding to Snowball Fight

New Rochelle, New York., — Police Draw Guns after responding to reports of Snowball Fight in New Rochelle, NY.

The shocking video shows NRPD police officers appearing to draw their guns while responding to a group of black males having a snowball fight.

nypd pulls out gun during snowball fightThe video from @WattsWorld posted on social media, shows a group of black males on their knees with their hands in the air as New Rochelle police officers who appear to have guns drawn, approach them shouting profanity and frisking them.

“They were having a snowball fight.” the unidentified woman recording is heard saying, “This group of guys were having a snowball fight and now a cop has a gun on them.”

Being that the video picks up with the altercation already in progress, it is impossible to determine if there were any events that occurred which justified the officers for pulling their weapons.

We reached out to the New Rochelle Police Dept. for more info but have yet to receive correspondence.

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