Lubbock Day-Care Worker Pulls Child’s Hair and Forces to Eat While Other Laughs

LUBBOCK, Texas – Video shows a Day care worker in Lubbock, Texas pull on a black child’s hair while another films and laughs.

‘My Little Playhouse’ daycare in the 3600 block of 50th Street is under fire after a viral video on social media showing an adult pulling a child’s hair. The daycare employee was telling the child to eat and pulled her hair. Another woman recording could be heard laughing. Other children seemed to be eating nearby.

On Thursday afternoon, My Little Playhouse Learning Center released the following statement:

January 17, 2019
From the Office of My Little Playhouse Learning Center LLC
Re: Viral Video Footage Teacher Using Bad Judgment  The owners and Directors of My Little

Playhouse Learning Center LLC were made aware of video footage posted on social media at approximately 11:45 a.m. Staff involved were fired immediately. Local authorities (LPD) has been notified and are investigating accordingly. Texas Department of Childcare Licensing has also been notified. 

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