Mom and Son French Kiss To Swap Drugs


If you thought you heard of all the ways people have tried to smuggle drugs into prison well then this one may surprise you. A woman and her son are accused of attempting to swap drugs to one another under the guise of a kiss. Not just any kiss mind you, French-Kissing.

54-year-old Kimberly Margeson is reported to have passed two Oxycodone pills to her 30-year-old son, William Partridge, by french-kissing him during a jailhouse visit.

Already in jail on an unrelated felony weapon possession charge, William Partridge will be arraigned on the misdemeanor in Penn Yan Village Court on Feb. 11.

As for mommy dearest, Kimberly Margeson was charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, a felony, and second-degree promoting prison contraband, a misdemeanor while Partridge was charged with second-degree promoting prison contraband.

This wasn’t the Partridge family I remember.

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