Man Who Held Child Hostage In Underground Bunker Killed

Jimmy Lee Dykes

The man who held a child hostage in a bunker for a week has been killed by police. Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded a bus in Alabama and demanded two children. When the bus driver refused, Jimmy Dykes shot and killed the driver.

He said he was going to kill us, going to kill us all

Jimmy Lee Dykes then took a child identified only as “Ethan” and held him hostage in an underground bunker for a week.

Police tried to negotiate with Dykes through a PVC pipe that was being used as a ventilation shaft. It was with the negotiating that Police were able to send the child comfort items such as a Hot Wheels car, coloring books, cheese crackers, potato chips and medicine.

At some point, Dykes was seen brandishing a gun. It is then that the FBI said the negations were “deteriorated”. FBI Agents entered the bunker and killed Dykes. The boy was recovered safely and is now being treated at the hospital. The boy was said to have appeared unharmed. Details of how Jimmy Dykes was killed have not been released.

Jimmy Lee Dykes was a decorated Vietnam vet who lived in Florida until 2 years ago. Dykes was said to have beat a dog with a lead pipe and threaten to shoot children for stepping on his property.

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