A mom is fuming mad that a Male Principal was the one who carried out the allowed spanking on her High-school daughter Taylor Santos.

Taylor Santos was accused of allowing another student to cheat off of her. So Instead of spending 2-days in school suspension, Taylor Santos chose a spanking. The school notified the mother – Anna Jorgensen and she mother approved.

I knew school policy was females swatted females, and males swatted

If Taylor wanted that, I said that would be

The only problem was, it was the Male Principal who carried out the spanking. District Policy clearly states that corporal punishment shall be
administered only by an employee who is the same sex as the student. When Anna found out she was angry.

The school’s superintendent – Mike Kelley stated the school may have made a mistake but the rule regarding the same sex corporal punishment should be changed to allow any sex to perform the punishment.

Taylor said sh still has welts on her today because of the brute force the Principal used on her. In regards to the policy changing, Taylor’s mom said:

I think Taylor is proof that we need to keep that policy,
I don’t believe a man intentionally meant to do that to her, but it still happens, because men are too big and strong to be hitting 96-pound

Anna said that she will be at the school board meeting to urge them to vote “no.”

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