LMPD & NationalGuard Kill Unarmed Black Man David Mcatee aka The “BBQ Man” in Louisville (VIDEO)

Yet another unarmed black man was killed and the media is not covering the story. David Mcatee, who was known to mot of his friends and family as “Yaya” and the “BBQ Man”, was shot and killed in Louisville.

According to multiple reports, David Mcatee was serving food during the protests when a shot from the crowd rang out. Officers then fire multiple shots into the crowd.

Mcatee was said to have been shielding a child from the gunfire when he was hit with multiple bullets from law enforcement.

It has been reported that the officers who killed David McAtee were either not wearing or did not activate their body cameras. There is NO VIDEO of the shooting last night. This is a violation of LMPD policy. As a result, the Mayor of Louisville Greg Fischer, has fired his Chief of Police Steve Conrad after learning this.

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